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Tusker Malt Lager is 100% Malt Brewed

As a premium brand, TUSKER MALT Lager was initially launched in the Kenyan market in 1996 after years as an export only brand. TUSKER MALT Lager was introduced in Uganda the same year.

TUSKER MALT Lager is brewed for longer than other contemporary lagers giving it that unmistakably rich, smooth premium taste that is widely recognized and that consumers have grown to love. TUSKER MALT Lager comes in a 330ml green bottle that has the name TUSKERembossed four times on its sides.


Speke Resort Munyonyo

Leisure at Speke Resort Munyonyo and Conference Centre is all about serendipity – we invite you to come and find something good without looking for it.

Sanyu FM

For more than 25 years, 88.2 Sanyu FM has been the definitive voice of music, culture, and relevant information for Kampala as a whole and the greater metro area surrounding Kampala.

Goldstar Insurance

Goldstar is one of the leading Insurance Companies in Uganda. We provide all types of General Insurance services to industrial, commercial, professional firms, Government institutions, individuals and other enterprises throughout Uganda.

Berger Paints

Berger paints was incepted during 1760 in United Kingdom (UK) by a young German chemist, Lewis Berger. He perfected a new process for making the color Prussian Blue. At a time when most military uniforms shared the same color, the pigment achieved great significance and aided in the great growth of the Berger brand.