ECOBRICK PROJECT for Good Samaritan School in Kamwokya

In partnership with The Ruparelia Foundation, Tamari Group & Ghetto Research Lab


The ECOBRICK project repurposes non biodegradable products specifically PET bottles and plastic bags to walls, enclosures, compost containers for vegetable growing in small spaces. This innovation has been implemented in slum areas, where plastic rubbish lines the streets, blocks sewerage pipes to the extent it can close down schools and public areas. ECOBRICK uses plastic bottles and fills it with plastic bags to create a substitute for clay bricks – most commonly used to build walls and enclosures around toilets and other structures. Each 330ml plastic bottle can contain up to 450 plastic bags in order to give it strength and firmness. This plastic brick,R is stronger and lasts longer than the normal clay brick. Almost 400 years before the plastic begins to breakdown. And better, can be re used. But the thinking the Eco brick project founders have is far greater than replacing a clay bring.

It challenges the three fundamental social crises:

Social welfare


Clogged sewers cause stagnant water which leads to disease and overall unhygienic environment

Social welfare

Eco brick project pays unemployed women & children living in slums to collect plastics off the street, and teach them how to stuff them with plastic bags to make Bricks. The plastics are delivered to a designated collection point where it is sorted.  This invariably cleans up the city and slum streets. Plastic bottles are also used to create functional toilets and compost heaps.


Through this exercise the growing team are educating on the need to keep our city clean, passing on their knowledge and creative ideas on how to better put waste to use.

The project

The Royal Ascot Goat Races in partnership with The Ruparelia Foundation will be building toilets for the Good Samaritan school. The school is located in Kamwokya and has over 500 students. The school faced near closure by KCCA due to their poor sanitary conditions and almost non existent toilet. The one toilet was being used by all students and staff alike. Using Eco brick, this project ticks all three of their objectives and more as they can teach this innovation to the students and teachers in the hope they can pay it forward. The Royal Ascot Goat Races Raised UGX 15,000,000 in 2019, Ruparelia Foundation Donated UGX 10,000,000 & Tamari Group Donated UGX5,000,000 along with managing the Project. The Project was Launched on the 6th of December 2020.



The Royal Ascot goat races since 1993, has always donated all its profits from the tote as well as any excess funds from the event to the chosen charity of the year. The Events financials are audited, and funds are donated through our partner The Ruparelia, who manages and ensures the funds go to the right place.


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We welcome any support big or small to support our 2019 project of building toilets using Eco bricks in the slums of Kampala. The Ruparelia Foundation has plans to build 5 more toilets around the sums of Kampala. Please email us on if you would like to support or volunteer.