The Royal Ascot Goat Races is one of the biggest social events of the year.  It’s a perfect blend of family fun, corporate networking, fantastic food and entertainment. A day out at the races comes once a year and everyone pulls out all the stops. From prize winning competitions, fashion extravaganzas, not to mention the winning at the races; fans have won air tickets, weekend getaways, spa treatments, and cash. Its an entire day filled with champagne and strawberries, beer gardens, carnival games, mingling all while listening to the hottest DJs. And we don’t stop there, the event is ceremoniously crowned with a live performance and closed with a spectacular fireworks display. No wonder it’s the event of the year. And whats better, everyone and anyone is welcome to be part of the Royal Ascot Goat Races! See you at the races!


This is the main attraction of the day, there are 10 races over the course of the day, and 10 goats per race. Owners get to enter the main arena to watch the race while spectators can view the race around the arena or on any of the screens.  Spectators can also bet on goats at the betting tote. Proceeds from betting go to local charities.


It’s a statement. From casual, to vintage, to all out show stopping.
Loyal fans start preparing their outfits months in advance for the most stand out fashion statement. Why? We have five judges selecting the best, and sometimes outlandish fashion statements.Prizes given to the best dressed couple, the best hats, parent / child and many more.


Our focus has always been about the races; however that doesn’t stop the entertainment. We have the hottest DJs perform all day. Live performances by top artists and bands; as well as magic tricks and acrobatics  in the crowd.


There are lots of prizes to be won throughout the day. Free beverages and meals from our bars and food vendors; airline tickets, kids activities and more. There’s something for everyone, and for the most part most competitions are free to enter so everyone has a chance at winning something big or small.


Our food huts features the most popular restaurants from across the country offering a wide variety of cuisine that pleases any race-goer. Prepare to Graze all day!! Bar hopping is one of Uganda’s most popular activities, continue the  tradition and hop from our Bubbly bar known for its limitless supply of champagne with strawberries, to our Beer Garden and to the main bar, which you can get yourself a range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


A dedicated and secure area is kept for the children (mostly under 8years. This area is fully supervised by childminders to keep the children entertained. The favourites are the bouncy castles and the candy floss! But aside from that there are kids arts and crafts, slides, face painting and mascots to keep the little ones entertained and utterly exhausted by the end of the day.


The betting tote is easy and simple to use. Place your bet on the goat or goats; and watch the race! Winners receives cash and will be presented with their award on stage by the race sponsor. The tote is audited by a private company, and all profits go towards the charity selected for the year. Betting is strictly for persons aged 18+