The welfare of animals has played a very important part when planning The Royal Ascot Goat Races.  The organising committee are committed to ensuring all efforts are taken to ensure the goats are handled in a safe and respectful manner. The goats used at the races are hired from local farmers who are given a contribution to help them better the facilities of the farm. The Goats are returned safely to their owners at the end of the event.When at the event, the goats are provided with an enclosed space with food, water and Shelter and looked after by dedicated handlers who monitor their wellbeing through out.  Each Goat will only enter the race course once and are guided around the course in a cautious manner. The Goats are NOT sold to the winners of the race; neither are they slaughtered.  The money paid as a “goat owner” Goes towards the Kitty and is in no way a payment to purchase the goats.  It is our priority to ensure all goats are safely returned to their homes.





Some of the actions we have taken to ensure the welfare of the goat. We introduced harnesses for the goats in 2018 to avoid the goats being tied around the neck with the rope. Sanitised & educated the goat handlers to ensure the goats are treated well Increase the height of the racecourse barriers to ensure the spectators are unable to reach out to the goats and taunt and tease the goats. A pen is build for the goats at least 5metres away from the event and are not kept on the track


Check out some of our winning Goats, carefully selected from across the hills of Uganda!

RACE 4 Winner 2019

GOAT NAME : Go get em
OUT OF : The office
BY : Lunchtime

“A powerful goat who is also very good at the steeple chase”

RACE 6 Winner 2019

GOAT NAME : The Goat Father
OUT OF : Marilyn
BY : Brando
“Revenge is a dish best served cold”

RACE 8 Winner 2019

GOAT NAME : Tequila

OUT OF : the bar

BY : Happy Hour

“A goat that shakes and stirs all the way to the finish line”